Our Culture – Continuity of Care

Continuity of Care refers to the fact that a group of children will transition together with their peers and teachers, through the classrooms at BDLC. The continuity of care approach is applicable to children from infancy to three-year olds, as described below.

BDLC has eight classrooms, ranging from infants to five-year olds. Infants start their journeys at BDLC in the Lamb 1 room with teachers specialized in caring for small infants, including feeding of pumped breast milk. As they approach a year old, the children will move with their teachers to the Lamb 2 room. Their teachers will stay with them over the next several years through the Duck room, Kangaroo/Monkey, and  finally the Owl room. There they will continue to engage in a play-based curriculum and learn about music, listen to stories, experience sensory tables, puzzles, simple science (learing about the world around them) and begin to take potty turns as they transition out of diapers. Besides safety, a major focus for BDLC teachers is to help children grow socially and emotionally.

The Owl room is a three-year old room and teachers spend their final months with their group, helping them prepare for preschool when they move on to new teachers.

As a preschooler, they spend the next several year or two with the Penguin or Turtle teachers specialized in preschool education, continuing with a play-based curriculum. Teachers engage children in a variety of projects and activities such as outdoor education, Project Learning Tree and Growing Wild activities, movement and fun learning of pre-reading and writing skills, science, and life skills.

Melissa Mueller and Katy New work in small groups along with Rachel Hancock with their four-year olds to foster pre-kindergarten skills for their transition the following year.

BDLC children move on to kindergarten well prepared!