Nutrition/Meal Time

BDLC is committed to providing a high-quality, whole foods approach to meals that exceed USDA and NAEYC nutritional guidelines. The overall goal is to prepare highquality, well-balanced meals and snacks that our children enjoy and that encourage them to try new foods at a time when they are forming eating habits for life. BDLC’s kitchen prepares nutritionally balanced meals and snacks for approximately 120 children and staff each day that the center is open.


Bloomington Developmental Learning Center adheres to health and nutrition recommendations in accordance to state licensing standards, Paths to Quality and USDA nutritional guidelines (i.e., My Plate), to meet both the dietary needs of children and to promote healthy eating habits.  


Meals are served in a relaxed environment.  Meal time allows children the opportunity to practice self-help skills, engage in oral language development and build healthy eating habits.  This includes: students eating a wide variety of fruit and/or vegetables at each meal, serving only 100% fruit or milk and promoting self-feeding skills. Also, teachers eat with their students and do not eat or drink non-BDLC food/drink in front of the children.

Feeding needs of infants are respected and meal plans are made with families (this includes supporting nursing mothers), and follow the needs of the individual infant.

Images of healthy and multicultural foods are available in print and as toys in each classroom.  Although our families have a wide variety of meal plans at home, BDLC is a vegetarian establishment (daily protein needs are met through serving cheese, beans, etc.), that uses local and organic food as much as possible.  Additionally, BDLC has a garden in which students grow a variety of vegetables for kitchen use.  Water is available to children both inside and outside.  Food is never used as a reward or punishment.

Meal Time and Menus:

BDLC’s Kitchen prepares nutritionally balanced meals and snacks for approximately 120 children and staff each day that the center is open.  A light breakfeast is served around 8:30am.  The breakfeast always includes Milk, Juice, and an entre.  A well-balanced lunch is served between 11:15 am and noon, depending on the age of the child.  A substantial afternoon snack is served with milk each day after the children’s nap followed later by a light second snack for those children who stay after 5pm.

Weekly detailed menus are posted on the kitchen door and in each classroom.  In additon, there are copies of the weekly menu available for pick-up by parents in a dispenser outside the office along with a menu posted each week onto our website.