Infant Nutrition

Feeding needs of infants are respected and meal plans are made with families (this includes supporting nursing mothers), and follow the needs of the individual infant.

BDLC supports mothers who breastfeed. There is a nursing chair in the Lamb 1 room for mothers wishing to nurse on site. There is also a kitchenette attached to all BDLC classrooms that can store pumped milk. To be in compliance with state regulations, pumped breast milk needs to be delivered in proper containers labeled with the child’s name and the date that the milk was pumped.

BDLC also supports families who use formula by providing it as part of the regular tuition.

The pureed baby food used at BDLC is certified as additive free without preservatives or coloring. When toddler substitutes are appropriate (for solid foods that are harder to digest or pose a potential choking risk for that age group), they are noted on the Weekly Menu.

If you have any questions, please contact BDLC.