School and Grounds

BDLC children enjoy outdoor time on multiple age-appropriate playgrounds equipped with climbing structures and plenty of other options for activities.

“Center court” is like BDLC Grand Central Station. You’ll often find parents chatting with one another here during pick-up and drop-off. Scholastic Book Fairs are also held in this location. Food is served in Center court during our community-building events like Open House and Winter Dinner.

You’ll find that BDLC classrooms are generously sized (as appropriate for the age group) with plenty of room for different learning centers or activities. BDLC uses a play-based curriculum and children move about freely exploring the many engagements. Kid-sized sinks and adjoining bathrooms are easily accessible for children to learn and practice good potty and hygiene behaviors.


In the front of BDLC you’ll see a garden where flowers, including milkweed are grown to attract birds and butterflies. Bird feeders are kept full by preschoolers. All BDLC children have opportunities to observe the creatures who visit.