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Application Form and Intake Agreement

    Preliminary Information

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  • Agreement

    1. Hours of operation are 7:30am to 6:00pm, Monday through Friday. We will accept enrolled children at any time after 7:30am. Ten hours is the maximum length of a child’s day at BDLC. If a child has not been picked up by 6:00pm, the parents will be assessed late charges as follows: 0-15 minutes late$15 fee, 15-30 minutes late$30 fee, 30-45 minutes late$45 fee, 45-60 minutes late$60 fee.
    2. A nonrefundable application fee of $40 (per child) is required at the time of application. Annual membership, building, and materials fees of $200 will be paid at the time of enrollment and annually thereafter. All current members of BDLC are required to volunteer 12 hours (6 hours single parent) each year. Please inquire with the administration for more information.
    3. We require a non-refundable deposit, which is one-half of the tuition fees. This deposit may be applied to the child’s first month in our care. Parents are required to give one month notice for withdraw and are expected to pay for one month of tuition fees from the date of notice.
    4. Fees are to be paid in advance monthly before the first of the month. Please consult the current rate sheet for current fee schedules. The rate sheet is given to parents once a year, and is available in the main office.
    5. If a child does not attend due to illness or vacation, payment will still be due to the Center. See the Executive Director if your child will be absent for an extended time.
    6. A child who is ill with fever, diarrhea, communicable disease, or other symptoms will not be admitted for the day. If a child becomes ill during the day, we will notify the parent(s) to pick up the child as quickly as possible. Only the parent or other person(s) listed with the Center will be allowed to pick up the child.
    7. A health examination, including immunizations, is required for each child within thirty days of admission to BDLC. Forms are provided and must be submitted upon enrollment. Current forms MUST be on file. Health examinations shall be repeated annually for children 2 years of age and younger.
    8. Children may leave the Center from time to time for field trips. In the event of a field trip outside the neighborhood, consent forms will be posted and must be signed prior to the day of the field trip. Your child will remain at the center if the consent form is not signed. Walking field trips to neighborhood areas, such as playgrounds or nature trails, are approved by parents with signature of this application form. Notification of walking field trips will be posted by the child’s teacher. Child/staff ratios will be maintained on all fieldtrips.
    9. Children may also have in-house speakers (i.e. police, firefighters, etc.). In the event of a speaker, the teachers will notify the parents in advance of the date and time of such activities. In-house speakers are approved with signature of this application form.
    10. Photographs of the children for educational and/or promotional purposes may be taken.