It all adds up!

Incorporate any or all of these little habits into your routine and you can contribute in a big way, little by little.

Buy T-shirts for BDLC


Other Ways to Help BDLC

Buy gift cards (aka “Script cards”) for Kroger, Marsh and Bloomingfoods. Through the script program, each of these retailers will donate 3% -5% of the total amount to BDLC. Gift cards can be purchased at any time by stopping by BDLC’s main office or you can place a standing monthly order (just include the extra amount on your tuition check). Amounts of $100 or $50 are typical. You will receive your gift card in your child’s mailbox. It’s that easy! Talk to BDLC office staff for further details. Note that Marsh cards can also be used at O’Malias and these cards cannot be “refilled.” Kroger cards can be “refilled” at Kroger when you check out and BDLC will continue to receive donations from the “refilled” Kroger card.

Clip “Box Tops for Education.” Look for the familiar Box Top image on cereal boxes, bottled juices and a variety of other products. Collect the Box Tops and bring them in to BDLC’s collection envelope located on the Parent Bulletin Board. Each Box Top is worth 10 cents, so BDLC receives $5 for every bundle of 50 that we send in. The profit really adds up with combined efforts of BDLC staff, parents, and friends. You can even let the grandparents help out by collecting and sending you their Box Tops!

United Way: You may designate BDLC as the recipient of your donation to United Way.

Marsh Fresh Ideas For Education

Marsh Fresh Ideas for Education -- Register Your Card Today!   Help us earn free educational equipment. Fill out your name and Marsh Fresh IDEA Card or  O’Malia’s CouponPlus card. Every time you use your card we get credit towards free educational equipment. This costs you nothing and won’t interfere with credits you are earning for any other shopping promotion at Marsh.