Owl Schedule

7:30 BDLC opens/Everyone washes hands when entering room
7:30-8:30 All areas open for free play
8:30 Breakfast
9:00 Potty turns/ all centers and activities re-open for exploration
9:30 Clean up/circle time
9:50 Table activity time
10:00 Ashley A. arrives
10:10 Large gross motor time/Outside time
11:10 Small groups time/Quiet story time
11:25 Potty turns/Wash hands/Get in line for lunch self-serve
12:10 Clean up from lunch/get cots and blankets out
12:30 Journal and nap time toys
1:00 Clean up nap time toys/Brush teeth/Last round of potty turns before nap
1:15 Nap time
3:00 Children wake up and have potty turns/Ashley C. goes home
3:15 Snack
3:45 Free play
4:00 Table activity time
4:20 Clean up/circle time
4:45 Outside/large gross motor
5:30 PM snack
5:45 Center court
6:00 BDLC closed/Ashley A. goes home