Prospective Parents

Welcome to the BDLC!

Parents and children interested in BDLC are invited to tour the Center and observe the classrooms Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:30 to 11:30 and 3:30 to 6:00.  The Executive Director, the Assistant Director or the Office Manager will answer questions, review the handbook, and provide the necessary application forms to be completed. The Executive Director, the Assistant Director, and the parents determine the room placement appropriate for each child.

Entrance Policy:

BDLC welcomes children of all nationalities, creeds, races, and abilities to experience the benefits of our Center.  BDLC serves children of parents who are occupied full- or part-time during the day. BDLC serves children ages 6 weeks through 6 years old.

A birth certificate and health examination, including immunizations, are required for each child within three months of notification of admission to the Center, or upon enrollment, whichever is earlier. Your child will be excluded if a current form is not on file. Health examinations must be repeated annually for children 2 years of age and younger.

The first week a child is enrolled at BDLC is considered a transitional week. A parent or primary caregiver must be available to help in the class as the child and teachers get to know one another. The first day we ask the parent and child to visit for about two hours. The time a child spends at the Center increases each day until Friday, when the child is at the Center for a full day without a parent or primary caregiver.