BDLC has eight classrooms, ranging from infants to preschool. A play-based curriculum offers children independence in developing at their own pace. Infants start their journeys at BDLC in the Lamb 1 room with teachers specialized in caring for small infants, including feeding of pumped breast milk. After they begin walking, they transition to the Lamb 2 room where they begin their journey with the teachers that will stay with them for the next several years, even as they move to older rooms such as the Duck room, and Kangaroo/Monkey rooms. There they will learn about music, listen to stories, simple science, and begin to take potty turns as they transition out of diapers. In May, 2014 we added the Owl room to give 3 year olds  additional developmental time before entering preschool. In the Owl room they will continue to work on potty training and social emotional skills to prepare them for the next step!

As a preschooler, the child spends the next two years with the Penguin or Turtle teachers specialized in preschool development focusing on  emergent literacy skills, science, math, movement, music and life skills in a fun environment of exploration.