Kangaroo Room Curriculum

2 to almost 3 years old

Teacher to child ratio: 1:5 (until everyone is 2 1/2 years old); then 1:7

In the Kangaroo room we loosely base our classroom curriculum around the project approach learning style. Where we take what the children are interested in by either observing or charting what they would like to learn about and then basing our lessons around that theme. Also, we work daily with the children on everyday self-help skills such as being kind and sharing materials with their friends, potty training, dressing themselves, putting their naptime bedding on their beds and putting it away, and eating with regular utensils all with little to no help at all from the teachers. Currently we are working on recognizing letters, phonemic awareness with letters and sounds, counting 1 – 30, journal writing or drawing to related topics that the children or teachers choose for the day, and preparing them for preschool by being independent.

Check out the Kangaroo Daily Schedule.