Kangaroo Schedule

7:30 BDLC Opens / Everyone washes hands when entering the room
8:30 Wash hands then Breakfast
9:00 Breakfast ends
9:00 Exploration Time / Morning Project
9:50 Potty Time
10:00 Outside play or Large Motor Activity
11:15 Group time
11:30 Wash hands then Lunch
12:15 Lunch begins to end / Wash hands, Potty time, the children dress their beds for nap, brush teeth, journal time and quiet cot time with books or small manipulatives
12:50 Potty Time / Naptime begins and settle children down for nap
3:00 Children start waking up / Potty Time
3:30 Wash hands then Snack Time
4:00 Exploration Time / Afternoon Project
4:30 Potty Time
5:00 Outside Play or Large Motor Activity
6:00 BDLC Closes