Lamb 2 Room Curriculum

12 to 18 months

Teacher to child ratio: 1:4 (crawling) / 1:5 (walking)

In the Lamb 2 room we focus on play through music, art, outside time, and free exploration, among other thing. We have just started circle time where we sing songs, read books, and do felt board activities based on our theme of the month. Major milestones that we are trying to accomplish are language skills (i.e. using our words for what we want and communicating with teachers and/or our friends).

We have also started potty training in the room with some success!  We are working on self-help skills such as cleaning up after lunch, putting toys away correctly, pulling pants up and down, and using utensils.  We are trying to help the children learn how to be more independent and not to have to rely on others for certain things.  In the Lamb 2 room social skills are also becoming very important. The children are learning how to interact and play with their peers and teachers.

Check out the Lamb 2 Daily Schedule.