Lamb 2 Schedule

7:30 Center open/ Exploration time, table activities.
8:30 Breakfast
9:00 Breakfast ends, sensory table open, exploration time
9:30 Diaper change.
10:00 Outdoor activities, playground /deck fun, Stroller ride.
10:45 Back in class room.
10:50 Story time/music time.
11:15 Wash hands and eat lunch.
11:45 Wash hands and diapering, brush teeth. Quiet play in the room or deck.
12:00 Settle children down for nap: listen quiet music, rock children and/pat their back to help them to sleep.
12:30 Children napping. At this time teachers take breaks, document day, and/or meet for planning time
3:00 Children start waking up, diapering and hand washing.
3:10 Eat snack
3:30 Clean up from snack, wash hands.  Inside activities, art time
4:30 Outdoor activities
5:15 Back in class room diapering. Exploration time.
6:00 BDLC closes