Monkey Schedule

7:30 BDLC opens/ Everyone washes hands when entering room
7:30-8:30 Children explore open sensory tables and table activities
8:30 Breakfast
9:00 Potty Turns/ all centers/ tables open for explorations time
9:30 Morning project/ small group activities
10:00 morning outside time or Large motor activities
10:45 Wash hands quiet story time
11:00 Circle time/ Group time
11:15 Wash hands then Lunch
11:45 Clean up from lunch and quiet play in the room
12:00 Diapering/ Potty turns and begin settling down for nap
12:30 Nap
3:00 Children begin to wake up/ Cori leaves
3:15 Diapering/Potty turns/snack
4:00 Afternoon project and group time
4:30 All centers re-open for exploration time
5:00 Clean up and outside time or Large motor activities
5:00 Diapering/ Potty turns