Turtle Room Preschool Curriculum

3 to 5 years old

Teacher to child ratio: 1:10

We have a monthly theme, which is incorporated into many of our daily activities such as art, group activities, music, and circle time. Past themes have included transportation, spring, friendship, and many others. Often times the theme is selected by the children as this keeps them excited about learning. We understand that everyone learns differently; some children learn best in whole groups, others in small groups, and some individually. We work with the children to best meet their current needs.

We also understand that learning needs can change over time. As a multi-age class, the children have the opportunity to learn and work together. Older children help younger children learn new information and strengthen their own knowledge of the subject. Younger children help teach older children patience and understanding.  The children in the Turtle room also practice being kind and caring citizens of the community.

Check out the Turtle Room Schedule.

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