Fee Schedule, Room Rates, & Program Information

(For the 2018 Program Year)

General Info

Per the BDLC Parent Handbook: Children are not to be left at the Center for more than 10 hours/day. See the BDLC Parent Handbook for the description of late fees

Please stop by or call the office at (812)-336-6600 for more details.

Note: We do pro-rate annual fees for children starting October 1st or later.

  • Non Refundable Deposit……………………………………Due at time of enrollment (equal to ½ of usual monthly tuition fee and goes toward first month tuition)
  • Mandatory Volunteer Hours…………..…12 hours of volunteer time annually to assist with tasks for the Center or $300.00 donation. (Single parent families are required to fulfill 6 hours of volunteer time or donate $150.00). Begins Aug 1-July. 31.
Fees (effective Jan 1, 2018)
Type of Fee Cost Description
Application Fee $40.00 One time non-refundable fee per child due at time of application
Enrollment Fee $70.00 Non-refundable fee per child
Annual Membership Fee $25.00* One fee per family annually—non-refundable
Annual Building Fee $100.00* One fee per child annually—non-refundable
Annual Materials and Activities Fee $75.00* One fee per child annually—non-refundable

*The Annual membership, building, and materials fees=$200. This will be charged in two installments of $100 due on Sept.1 and $100 due on March 1 (for one child). See above chart to compute additional children.

Room Rates per Month
Age Group Full Time
Infants until 1 year old $1150
1 year until 2 years old* $1088
2 years old to almost 3 years old* $1001
3 years old (as soon as individual child turns 3) $901
Preschool $829

*Rate changes occur only after each child in room reaches older age until 3. Due to state licensing ratios.
**Rates include breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks, and milk. BDLC also provides, formula and baby wipes. We support nursing mothers!